Archery is a fun sporting activity, the exercise or skills of utilising a bow to launch arrows. The term is derived from the Latin word arcus. Traditionally, archery was used for combat and hunting. In the modern-day, it has become a very competitive recreational sport and leisure activity. An individual that takes part in the sport ofarchery is commonly known as an bowman or archer.


The Archer Stance

To shoot an arrow correctly, the bowman must first take on the proper posture and stance. The torso/body needs to be roughly perpendicular to the target , with the your feet positioned shoulder width apart. There are other stances like open or closed but these are for more advanced archers but for starting out the neutral stance is the best.


Loading A Bow
To load, always point the box and arrow toward the ground for safety, Place an arrow on the rest or shelf. Then the nock/back of the arrow is secured to the bow-string with the nock. This action is referred to as “nocking the arrow”.

Holding the Bow with Arrow

The bow-string is held with three fingers. In most cases, the index finger is placed above and the subsequent two fingers below the arrow.


Drawing The Bow

The archer raises the bow from its position pointing at the ground and drags the string back, in one fluid motion. The archer then draws the bowstring up towards the face, and finds a comfortable position to hold the bowstring, normally near the corner of the mouth, or on the chin, cheek, or ear, based on the favored shooting method. While always keeping the forearm out of the way of where the string will come back to rest.

The trick to being accurate is to always use the same stance and holding position. Practice makes perfect, so always use the same stance once you find what is comfortable for you.