You will want to practice how to load your arrows, even when running or standing still, without having to looking at the bow. Constantly monitor the opposing forces, and inbound combat arrows, and also your location and the direction you aim to running.

Hit “easy” prey that come in range and tend to be exposed, or which pose an threat that is immediate. No matter if your shot does not kill or wound, it might distract your target and allow somebody else to take them out.

Cross shoot at goals to either side of you, instead of directly in front. It will always be a waste of arrows to test hitting somebody that is watching you.

Keep covered. Use the field cover and inflatable structures where feasible, coordinate your team to offer cover whenever moving forward or retreating

When snipping from behind cover, such as a wall or inflatable, don’t keep popping up into the same spot, as an enemy arrow may be waiting for you to show up there again. On the other hand, watch and shoot archers that are opposing don’t heed these tips.


Don’t shoot at solitary targets. You may hit a people in agroup by chance, but seldom a target that is single.

Whenever possible you should make use flexibility, surprise and speed, never remain in one spot. Do not always dodge arrows by moving into the direction that is same this might be setting a pattern and an excellent enemy archer will make use of it by shooting where you will end up.

Should you be wounded or shoot, provide your arrows to some other archer that can make use of them.

Make sure that your arrows are neatly stored, so whenever you grab one, it will not bring other arrows along with it.

Identify enemy team leaders. Point them out to other archers to kill first when possible. You should try to take out threats who are an immediate danger.

Keep in mind that the combat bow is a really long distance weapon. Unless it is important to shoot from in close in order to take out high quality players, Strike from long range.

Practice shooting while wearing the helmet, hand protection and any other gear that can influence your shooting. You should practice nocking or attaching arrows while on the move, firing from different positions can help to simulate what you should be doing in combat.

Have fun