The balls are racked just like normal pool or snooker.
The object is kicking the white ball (cue ball) into the coloured balls, the aim is to kick the white into a coloued ball and sink the coloued ball into a pocket
If the player sinks the black ball from break, the balls shall be re-racked and the same player re-starts without any penalty.
You can only strike the white ball with your foot.
The white ball must be stationary before it is played
The colour of the ball one needs to pot is devised in a similar format where the team that pots the ball first gets that as their colour.
Each team must sink all their coloured balls. (Soild or striped balls)
Should a player sink the white ball or the white ball leave the table a free/penalty shot is awarded to their opponents.
If one team sinks one of their opponent’s balls, the opponents receive a free/penalty shot.
Just like in pool, the one that pots the black ball before potting all of their coloured ones, they forfeit the game..
Once a team has potted all their coloured balls they can then attempt to pot the black.
The first team to pot the black wins.