Combat Archery

Bairnsdale Combat Archery offers a different and fun way for everyone of any age to enjoy archery with a competitive edge!

What is Combat Archery?
Combat Archery is comparable to dodge-ball, but with soft tipped arrows. This stimulating, action packed sport provides the ultimate fun that engages absolutely everyone.

Combat Archery Game Play
2 teams, consisting of players, are separated by a “safe area” You eliminate a player by hitting him or her with an arrow, or by catching the person’s combat arrow. A “hit” player can get back intot he game back into the game if a teammate catches an arrow mid flight.

Is Combat Archery Safe?
Its is not painful to be hit by a combat arrow and players wear a full face mask to protect the face, compared to game like paint ball Combat Archery is very safe.


Mini Golf

Mini Golf – 18 hole course, with many challenging holes! Suitable for all ages


Laser Tag

Laser tag is a awesome event for friends, families, party groups, also a great way to connect with a new group of people.

Dress for laser tag. The indoor inflatable arena is a low light setting. So dark coloured apparel will be the best way to stealth around the arena, Wear black as it helps blend in and conceal you better!

When the game starts its best to choose a effective spot to hide. People that are on the run the whole time will be the first to get shot. Find spots that cover your back and give you a view point.

Shoot at the kill zones, these are the parts of the gear that have the sensors to pickup the kill shots. Don’t shoot for feet etc.

After the gameplay, examine your ranking and speak with your teammates to see what you can do to make improvements on the next round. A debriefing can turn a losing team to winners!

Have fun is the main goal and try to not crash or run into others while playing.
See you inside!


Space Ball Ride

Space Ball – Strapped in you defy gravity. Spin 36o vertically and horizontally. Not for the faint hearted!


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